Marketing, Creative & Research Services
The Elliott Co. marketing department addresses your specific marketing goals with industry insight and creative planning. We can work with you to reposition or develop your brand’s identity and effectively deliver that message to your client base. We can also help uncover places for additional revenue, analyze your competitive standing, answer RFPs, and help integrate your assets with other opportunities (print, web, custom publishing, events).

Our team of copywriters and designers will write, design and produce all of your advertising sales collateral, from media kits and sell sheets to eBlasts and direct mail. We also prepare client proposals and presentations, capabilities and category brochures, and compile research study results. 

Elliott Co. research services include proprietary research studies (print and digital), syndicated research analysis, subscriber study design and execution and market research reports.

  • JGECO MEDIA PANEL – Because of Elliott Co. relationships with a number of syndicated research suppliers, primary audience and market research is now available to publishers through the JGECO Media Panel. In many cases, for substantially less than the cost of independent primary research, the JGECO Media Panel will deliver high-quality and widely accepted research on your magazine and website that your sellers can use on every call.

  • KANTAR MEDIA SRDS/JGE Study of Media Planning and Buying – To better understand today’s media buying process, Kantar Media and the James G. Elliott Co. jointly conduct annual studies on the needs of media planners and buyers in terms of time, opportunities and money.


Now publishing executives who are not planning to outsource their sales can also tap into this accumulated knowledge and experience and apply it to their own company through the new advisory service announced in 2016, Ads&IDEAS®. With a uniquely deep and broad understanding of all aspects of media and publishing, Ads&IDEAS® offers expertise in the following:

  • Revenue evaluation

  • System analysis

  • Business strategies

  • Management solutions

Regardless of your company’s size, platform, or resources, Ads&IDEAS® can analyze the potentials—and pitfalls—of launching, rebranding, migrating and developing your print and digital communications. Ads&IDEAS® can also create revenue-generating programs, partnerships and advertising networks with a full suite of today’s most powerful marketing, research and support tools.

Learn more about Ads&IDEAS through the Consulting link at the top of the page or go to: