Outsourced Media Sales

The James G. Elliott Co., Inc., which began as a publishers’ rep firm in 1984, has evolved into the nation’s largest national outsourced media ad sales company and an expert media solutions consultancy for print and digital publishers and organizations.  We provide our clients with an alternative to managing their own direct employees or patchwork of regional representative firms. 

The Elliott Co. has generated an estimated $650 million in revenue for more than 400 brands.  A key to this sales success has been management’s in-depth knowledge of the current media landscape based on learning from the field, plus the company’s strategic orientation.  Clients of the sales company have always benefited from these keys to sales success. 

How It Would Work for Your Company
The Elliott Co. hires talented and seasoned advertising sales representatives to work on your media properties as your staff. They carry your business cards, use your email addresses and data s, attend your meetings, and communicate with other members of your organization. The difference, however, is that they are our employees with our benefits, under our management and in offices in major advertising centers, which relieves you of the costs and headaches associated with full-time personnel and travel. In addition, as our employees, they have access to a stronger set of tools through our complete marketing, research and support services. 

The Elliott Advantage

The Elliott Co. has the magazine sales, marketing, research and management resources one would typically find in a mid-size publishing company. We must because we are asked to provide a unique solution for every client we serve. That may entail providing a custom staffing solution for a single media property or a more common shared resource situation. After all, no two publishers face exactly the same challenges.

A single sales and marketing resource can reduce your communications burden, help eliminate redundancies in administrative and accounting tasks, and provide tighter focus to your sales direction. Most importantly, it virtually ensures that all elements of the media sales organization are strategically aligned.

Simply put, the James G. Elliott Co., Inc. brings more magazine advertising sales experience to your media brand than any alternative you can consider – including your own staff. We have handled over 400 assignments as a media representative since our founding in 1984. Moreover, our team members are all well-experienced media people who individually bring broad and diverse media advertising experience to our clients’ projects.

Outsourced Management
With advertising sales representatives in all the major markets who report to our sales management, we offer every client day-to-day management of the sales function.

If you’re looking for an outsourced media sales force or magazine publishers’ representative firm to improve your sales, contact Ads&IDEAS®. You can learn more about it at adsandideas.com.

We manage the process, you manage the results.

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